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am i boring?

when i speak do people groan
in their heads and beg me to shut up
or do they just sit, uninterested
waiting for their turn to talk

am i boring?

when i text
do people neglect their phones
so they don’t feel so bad
for neglecting me, too

am i boring?

when i go out
do people look right through me
never once stopping in their own mind
to wonder who i might be

am i boring?

when i meet new people
do they talk out of courtesy
hiding their discomfort
under a polite smile

i’m not boring.

there is a universe inside of my heart
songs dreaming to be sung,
poems wishing to be read,
and stories aching to be freed

i’m not boring.

i am shy, and sometimes
a little bit awkward
maybe i don’t know what to say
but i am trying

i’m not boring,
i’m lonely.
Fox Fire by civildiscord
Fox Fire
A watercolor I did the other day inspired by a tattoo I found on tumblr. I'm very new to watercolors, but if anyone could give me some pointers, that would be really nice.

Inspired by:…
they say the acid in citrus is bad for your teeth,
but the acid in my heart is worse
than any fruit could ever hope to be.
i think God may have spilled his coffee
on my blueprints
(or maybe it was whiskey).
the hydrochloric acid is misplaced in me.
it’s swimming around in my skull,
behind my eyes, and eating away
at my brain, one memory at a time.
my stomach is empty; my head is too full.
i draw blood to help release the venom,
if i don’t, it comes disguised as words.
i can feel a plague raging under my skin
and it is killing me.
everything inside me is poisoned and
i tried to vomit up my soul, but like i said
there’s nothing there. there is nothing
left to ruin.
you can’t take away from a void,
but it can grow, and
it is.

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i hide behind a facade
that i am a tiger
among little sheep,
but my tiger stripes are new scars
and the only escape is a smile.
i hide inside my head sometimes
thinking about drawing blood
until it makes me sick.
some say destruction is a form of creation,
but i'm only destroying myself.
one cut turns to twenty,
and i don't feel any different
than when i locked myself into my bathroom
in the first place.
you built my dreams into a house
one where we could live happily
2 kids,
a picket fence life
until you burned that house to the fucking ground
in front of my young eyes
dreams turned to ash
clogging up my lungs
like water but
i’m not drowning
i’m riding on that tidal wave
and my hatred burns deep inside
shining out of my eyes,
you burnt my dreams, but
couldn’t burn me
i am ignited
and i’m gonna fucking kill you for what you did


civildiscord's Profile Picture
United States
I am 18 years old and I live in Massachusetts. I frequent tumblr a lot, and you can find me there at autumnsfoxes. I love traditional, watercolors or craft art the most.

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